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Ahhh I just noticed that all of my requested fandoms are video games.... (Well, Steins;Gate is a VN but...) Not to sound like the world's Most Interesting Man, but even I don't play that many video games, when I do I guess I tend to get very invested in the narrative! I think something about video games gives the mind a lot of hidden corners to explore in fanfic. I hope you have fun writing for this exchange, and thank you for offering to write one of these canons that are so dear to me.

This description from my yuletide letter still holds true for me: I can handle nearly all kinds of writing style as long as the author has enthusiasm for what they write. Angst, mystery, drama, hopefulness, humor, PWP, AU, I love it all. So go where your intuition takes you! (The only kind of fic I'd dislike is straight up crack fic. It's fine in more prolific fandoms, but with these smaller fandoms I'd like to see stuff that focuses on the characters as they are instead of as a joke. ajksflkafslkj I hope this makes sense.) I especially love fic which focuses on relationships (platonic or otherwise, between characters.) I like a good balance of introspection and dialogue.

Basically if something I write here sparks an idea in you, I say go for it! My suggestions here are just that... suggestions!

And now for the fandom specific requests...

Tales of the Abyss

I would love to see post-canon fic about Fon Master Anise. Her reforming the church, how she deals with her knowledge about what her religion actually entails, being a young woman in power etc.

Basically I loved Anise a whole lot. She has some of my favorite growth in a character, ever. I'm also very interested in the church's hierarchical structure, corruption, and how Anise plans to deal with it. I'm interested in how her friendship with Ion (or her rivalry with Arietta!) will inform her future decision. Basically, I'm just 100% into hearing about Anise's future. How the revelations from the game effect her. I'm also interested in how she and Natalia might interact as rulers.

Ocarina of Time
I would really love fanfic about Zelda surviving the seven years where Link was sleeping, and the realm fell to ruin. Her learning magic and gathering information about the temples. Her helping refugees, and staying out of Ganondorf's grasp. Her transformation into Sheik etc (I'm fine with any choice you might make about gender here, the only thing that would bother me would be Sheik being a completely different person.)

Heh, this game was so formative! And that sheer visceral shock of walking into Castle Town and seeing ZOMBIES!!! everywhere... is still one of my favorite plot twists. Like I said, I'd really really love something exploring this seven year gap. Zelda goes from a sheltered (but precocious) child, to a magician and warrior. Hyrule hasn't fallen completely into ruin, and I chalk some of that up to her efforts.

I'm also very interested in worldbuilding about the Sheikah.The game drops hints here and there, and if you want to elaborate further on their culture I would not say no. ;)

I just have.... so much painful love for the alpha timeline and I would be thrilled to see some elaboration on it. Like you can focus on any or all of these characters (or throw in some more that aren't on here, like Feyris and Okabe!) and how they cope with it. Stuff I'd love to hear about; Suzuha Amane growing up in the dystopia and joining the resistance movement. Kurisu as the mother of time travel and how that made her a prisoner of SERN (I ship Kurisu and Okabe like I've shipped nothing else in my damn life, so you want to write about them briefly escaping early on in the timeline and having a fling before going off on their prescribed alpha timeline roles I WILL NOT STOP YOU!!) or if you want to get into what Ruka and/or Feyris were up to, that would be incredible too.

Haha I think if I elaborated on this prompt I'd get into tl;dr territory. But, yes, I love this canon. And if you want to explore the characters outside the alpha timeline, too, that would be fine. I just want to see more of them and their relationships and struggles.

Hotel Dusk
Ahhhh when I was playing Last Window a few months ago, I was really, really charmed by this trio and how they've become tentative, found family. It was so freaking sweet and genuine! I would love to see fic dealing with the time in between Hotel Dusk and Last Window and how they got to that point.

Found families <3 Also I do not ship Kyle and Mila (I just want her to have a stable adult figure in her life as she navigates the world coming out of a coma.) I ship Kyle with Bradley and Rachel both, so if you want to treat a Kyle/Bradley past as a fact I will be cool with it. I'd also be cool with it being platonic. And the same goes for Rachel. (In addition to loving found families, I also find explorations of second loves to be really fascinating. I mean this in a platonic and romantic way. No matter what the nature of their relationship, Kyle's taking a chance being so close to Rachel, given how badly he's been shocked before. Can I keep this parenthetical aside going any longer I wonder!)

Okay, that's all! Like I said before I hope you have fun with this assignment and I look forward to seeing what you post!
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