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Hello, author! I love this exchange to death, and I'm so, so excited to see what you write. I hope you don't mind if I copy paste what I wrote for my yuletide 2013 letter. I always agonize over what to put in this intro bit, and I think I finally nailed it for that particular exchange and very little has changed in terms of general preferences.

I hope you have fun with what you write, and don't stress yourself out too much on my behalf. It's always ridiculously cool getting to see what people do with my prompts, and I'm certain I'll enjoy what you write. Also I love and want fanworks from all of these fandoms in equal measure, even if some of the writeups wind up longer than others.

I'm cool with nearly all genres, and I like both past and present tense. Gen is fine, shipping is fine, smut is fine (particularly if it's part of a larger story.) I have very few squicks, and I like both happy and dark fic. The turn "dramedy" was invented for me, I swear.

Basically!!! go where the muse takes you. For me, the most interesting thing, in almost any canon, is the characters and their interactions with one another. The second most interesting thing tends to be the world created by the author. Canons that are character-driven with a strong sense of time/place tend to be the ones that win my heart. I also tend to get interested in characters that are on the periphery of things, and I always want to hear more about them and how they relate to their world.

Things I don't like: Torture porn (violence is fine, especially for some of these canons but not as the focus), second-person, scat and watersports, toilet humor in general, character bashing (the kind of bashing where characters hate on characters that they actually like in canon. This makes me cringe even if I don't like the character being based. Having characters hate on each other in in-character ways is totally fine though!)

As for fandom specific stuff... (I'm gonna throw a bunch of ideas at you but trust me! These are guidelines not hard and fast rules!)

Fandom #1: Reign
Character(s): Diane de Poitiers, Queen Catherine

Oh my god what a delightful show. Ever since we learned that Catherine and Henry were actually happy and in love for a few years there, I've been wondering about Diane and Catherine's relationship during the early years of her marriage. I'd love to see some similar deterioration of a formerly cordial relationship with these two too. Wikipedia tells me that Diane tried to help the couple during their childless years, and nursed Catherine back to health when she contracted scarlet fever. Which just adds to how intriguing I find Diane and Catherine. I'd love to see a take on their younger years, showing them friends and adversaries by turn, but respecting each other's smarts, ambition, and survival skills. How did having children change their relationship? What role, if any, do their different religions play? Since, by the time to the show, they've become outright rivals I'm totally okay with things getting vicious. All I ask is that it be shown as a complex relationship, rather than two women being catty.

I'm also interested in both women on their own and how they interact with Mary! It would be lovely to see something from the years where Catherine was essentially raising Mary. Also, ever since Mary became engaged to Bash (and since Mary believes Diane poisoned Aylee), I've been wishing we could have seen Diane and Mary interact! If you want to write me a hypothetical meeting between them I'd love you forever.
Resources: You can watch a couple full episodes on the CW's

Fandom #2: Goliyon Ki Rasleela Ram-Leela
Character(s): Rasila Sanera

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this tumblr

I loved Leela, but this movie also had a plethora of fascinating secondary female characters. Rasila was probably my favorite. How did she wind up impressing Dhankor baa enough that she got to marry his son? How did she and Leela build up such a strong friendship? Is she going to be Dhankor's heir now, and what would that look like? Also would love to see an AU where Leela stayed in power and the two of them (Rasila and Leela) ruled together.

Also, Rasila and Kesar are so often linked by the narrative that anything between them would be great. I have a headcanon that they were friends until they married into the rival families, so something exploring that would be super fun.
Resources: Right now, there are no official resources that I can find :( It just came out on DVD, and I think it's bound to end up on
Eros Now and netflix pretty soon. I encourage seeking it out, if only because it's such a beautifully shot film.

Fandom #3: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Character(s): Sabé, Saché, Yané, Eirtaé, Rabé

Wow, hello there nostalgia. Back when I was eleven, I basically fell in love with these characters. I mean, they're ladies-in-waiting (to an elected queen ahaha) who are also bodyguards and sometimes decoys. Hell yeah. Tell me more. What was the selection process like? What are the dynamics between the five of them? What are their dynamics with the queen? What was it like for Saché and Yané when they were left behind? How did Sabé deal with pretending to be a queen AND fooling mindreading Jedi to boot? What was life like for them after Amidala's reign ended? How did they deal with the death of Amidala and did they ever wonder what happened to her children (or meet them??)

Also I'm super into Naboo in general, so if you want to work in worldbuilding (and your own headcanons therein) go for it! All I ask is no Sabé/Obi-Wan. It's a fun pairing, just not what I'm looking for this time around.
Resources: It's not on netflix streaming. And Amidala's Diary (which was a tie-in book that I remember being delightful) doesn't appear to be on kindle. :\

Fandom #4:
Theresia: Dear Emile
Character(s): Leanne Theresia, Maylee

This canon KILLS ME (sometimes literally when I hit too many traps in a row.) Leanne is SO IMPORTANT to me and I'd love to see more of her life after the game. I'm okay with however you read the ending, I just want to see more of her striving and surviving and coming to terms (or not coming to terms) as you see fit.

If you want to stick within the years covered within the game I'd love love LOVE something that focused on the relationship between Maylee and Leanne! How did Maylee come to care about Leanne (and Emile!) so much? What did she think of all the weirdness there? Did it make her think of her time working at the orphanage?
Resources: You can watch an LP of this game
over here. If you're new to this series, warning for lots of (implied) violence and pretty blatant (though tastefully handled) emotional abuse and dysfunctionality.

Fandom #5: The Lunar Chronicles
Character(s): Michelle Benoit, Cress

Michelle is such an interesting character to me. She had one hell of an adventurous life, and is so key to the plot. I'd love to hear more elaboration on the backstory we get on her. Her time as a pilot, her time on Luna, the fling she had, her various forays into science and medicine (trying to be circumspect on spoilers here), having her kid, protecting Scarlet etc.

As far as Cress is concerned... I just finished her book, so she's been on my mind lately. Some of my favorite portions of that book involved her adjusting to life on earth after spending a decade in a satellite. As someone who gets emotional about landscapes, I kind of adored her crying over how beautiful the sky was, lol. I'd love to see more of the same; Cress experiencing new weather, earth customs, food, anything. And missing scenes between her and Thorne are always welcome.

Resources: You can get all three books on Kindle!

Fandom #6: Super Dangan Ronpa 2
Character(s): Sonia Nevermind

Okay, so, this is a little out of left field... but given that I'm working on crimiminology degree I greatly enjoy Sonia's preoccupation with true crime/serial killers and would looooove something that elaborated on that! How did that even start? Does she talk about it with people other than Hinata, and, if so, how does that go down? (I would be pretty overjoyed at her and Komaeda blithely talking about this kind of thing and freaking people out.) Does she ever hear about an unsolved murder and stay up until dawn researching it? Does she rope Gundam into doing said research? Does he try to distract her with talk about occult stuff? Does it work because she's really into that also? What would happen if she met Fukawa?! Hell, what would happen in an AU where she's a True Crime novelit??!?!

Between Syo and Kira Kira-Chan, the Dangan Ronpa canon has some great fictional serial killers! So if you ever wanted to make up some outlandish serial killers of your own, boy is this the prompt for you.

Now if you're going "noooo I don't want to write anything gruesome!" that's totally fine. I'm also super interested in Sonia's past; her life as a princess, and how she ended up in Japan. Sonia also has incredibly cute interactions with the cast in general, and I'd love to see some one on one time with her and any of the other female characters. Interactions between her and Tsumiki are of particular interest to me. All I ask is no Souda/Sonia.
Resources: The Something Awful LP is archived
over here


Wowww I wrote a lot there. Hopefully that wasn't too intimidating. Like I said, I'm really excited to see what you write and most of all I hope you have fun with it! Thank you so much for offering to write these characters that are so dear to me.

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