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Rarelywritten 2015

Hello Yuletide writer!

Thank you for offering one of my fandoms! This fan exchange is one of my very favorites. I'm excited for it to start, and especially excited to read what you write!

Don't pay attention to the ranking or length of these descriptions. All of these stories are dear to me and I would love a story for any of them.

So I love fic because it lets me spend more time with the characters I love. Or it lets me consider a canon in a new light. To that effect, I don't much mind what sort of tone you take with this. It can be hopeful and uplifting or dark and depressing or somewhere in between. Mostly I just want you to write something you're excited about, no matter where the muse takes you. I can handle all levels of "darkness" in fiction, and in some cases prefer it if it fits the tone of the story. I won't be put off by happy or sad things. I am equally into pairing fic and gen fic. I tend to prefer some amount of dialogue/character interaction (for whatever reason I get distracted by stories that only involve introspection and nothing else). I definitely like canon divergent AUs (ie; what would canon look like if one detail was changed?) if one thing changed.

I do have some hard and fast Do Not Wants, though: torture porn (violence is fine, just don't make it the focus of the fic), anything involving shit or piss, characters hating characters that they like in canon, BDSM fic where it's a lifestyle and/or BDSM with highly involved discussions about kink negotiation (characters being dominant/submissive is fine), and A/B/O.

And now on to the individual fandoms. When I suggest scenarios, these aren't hard and fast requests. They help indicate what scenarios I'm most interested in. But again; go where the muse takes you ;)

Red Light (music video)
Characters: Any/all

Everything about this video intrigues the hell out of me, and I want to know more about the story it's hinting at. What's with the burning book? What are they on the run from? Why does Krystal have an eyepatch sometimes and not others? (For that matter what's with the cat with two different eye colors?) Who's calling them and why aren't they answering? What is the warehouse, and why do they want to get outside of it so much?

I also love the sense of camaraderie you get from this video. The women are running away together. Sometimes they pause to lean on each other, and hold hands. Above all elseelse I'd love to see this sense of unity maintained in your fic.

Oh, also regarding character names... I put in F(X)'s names because we had to nominate characters. You don't have to write RPF though. You can write completely original characters for this if you want. If you signed up for this fandom expecting to write RPF, that's cool too. You can do one of those AUs where you take the characters and put them in a completely different setting. (Or hell, you could just write the world ending while F(X) is in the middle of filming a music video. Heh that idea literally just occurred to me as I'm writing.) Basically, what I'm driving at, is that I'm fine with RPF, original fic, or something in beetween.

Haider (2013)
Characters: Arshia Lone

If you're floating on it because of other fandoms, I highly recommend you check out this movie. It's an adaptation of Hamlet set in mid-nineties Kashmir. Truly gorgeous acting, music, cinematography, etc.

Arshia is this movie's version of Ophelia, and she ultimately has Ophelia's fate and all that entails. However, while watching, I was struck by the fact that she appears to actually a conflation of Ophelia and Horatio. Her name sounds closer to Horatio than Ophelia. But it goes deeper than that. She's long-time friends with Haider, and his helper and confidante through all kinds of awful travels. She's the first to come in contact with this movie's version of the Ghost. As a journalist, she was also in a prime position to "in this harsh world draw [her] breath in pain, to tell [Haider's[ story." Essentially, I guess I want fix-it fic where Arshia survives (possibly at Haider's urging), and truly fulfills the role of Horatio, and how Horatio heeds Hamlet's dying request. In this version, though, she wouldn't just be telling Haider's story, she'd be telling Kashmir's story.

If you're not so into the "Arshia as Horation" thoery, I'd also love to know more about her relationships with the other characters. Haider and Arshia are introduced as already having a relationship. How did that come about? Hamlet gives Ophelia some dorky poems about how much he loves her, did Haider write similar letters? What do she and Ghazala think of each other in happier times? Why is her brother so against Haider?

I love this movie, but it left me wanting to know just a little more about Arshia. So if you can provide me with that, I'd be so happy.

HOMER- works
Characters: Andromache
She's been one of my favorite mythological characters for over a decade. I adore her love story with Hector, but she also intrigues me because she's such a survivor. She goes through hell during the war, and an even worse hell after when she's given into sexual slavery with the man who killed her son. This is the fic I'd be most fine with it going some super dark places. I don't want gratuitous-ness, but I think I'd be more unhappy if the horrible-ness of her early life in Phthia wasn't acknowledged. Andromache goes from being future queen, to slave, to queen and it's a really powerful journey, where gets caught up in all these undercurrents of war and history.

With all that being said, a topic I'm dying to see explored is her later marriage with Helenus! I've yet to see that really explored anywhere in fiction, but I'm so intrigued by them. I like to think of them as being happy together, whether they're romantically in love, or it's a purely platonic relationship. They both had to survive the same hellish household, and, of course, they have that commonality of being survivors from Troy. I just want to see Andromache in a place of peace and happiness with her second husband.

If you don't want to tack post-Phthia Andromache (I totally get that) I'd be happy to see an exploration of her early years. What was it like being the only daughter in a house full of sons? What was her relationship with Helenus like when they were just in-laws? What was her relationship like with Cassandra? How did she end up being married to Hector, and did they fall in love quickly or did it take time?

Legend of Korra
Characters: Ming-Hua, P'Li

God, season three was so good, and part of it was because the Red Lotus made for such a great group of villains! Charismatic, smart, strong without being unrealistically overpowered. They weren't on screen that much but they made that time count. Now I'm super eager for fic that gives me more of these characters, particularly these two women.

I'd love some backstory on Ming-Hua and P'Li, and how they came to believe in the ideals of the Red Lotus. What were these two like when they were young and idealistic? Or an exploration of how they developed their unique styles of bending? I'd love to see these two as the first real friends within the Red Lotus (maybe even trying out different political groups before joining/forming this one?), with their romantic relationships developing later.

It would also be interesting if Korra met them in the spirit world at some point after season 3. I'd be so into her having a conversation with one or both of them that's along the lines of her conversation with Kuvira in the season 4 finale.

Note: Ming-Hua being born without arms is canon (ie; she didn't lose them to illness or injury), and I prefer her backstory that way. That's my only hard and fast request for this fandom.