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Ahhh! Hello!

Anyway, wow, I'm really excited to get a fic for any of these characters/fandoms and I love you already for offering them.

Here I'm going to copy paste what I said in my yuletide letter this year, because it still holds true: I can handle nearly all kinds of writing style. Angst, mystery, drama, hopefulness, humor, PWP, AU, I love it all. So go where your intuition takes you! (The only kind of fic I'd dislike is straight up crack fic. It's fine in more prolific fandoms, but with these smaller fandoms I'd like to see stuff that focuses on the characters as they are instead of as a joke. ajksflkafslkj I hope this makes sense.) I especially love fic which focuses on relationships (platonic or otherwise, between characters.) I like a good balance of introspection and dialogue. I love nearly all writing styles as long as the author has enthusiasm for what they write. All I ask is that you avoid character bashing, misogyny, and other kinds of prejudice.

As for the fandoms I requested... Here's some stuff from my signup letter, with elaboration in some places:

Pretty Little Liars

RIGHT so. In my signup letter I basically asked for a fic that does justice to Aria's complexity and... I guess dark and determined side? Because I'm really fascinated by her (and think she has a great actress) but the show sidelines her a great deal.

So, I'd love to see all kinds of things in fic:
-Gen about her feelings on her family (like I said in the sign up letter, they have an odd dynamic)
-That year in Iceland! Like, wow, sometimes I think about how she had to keep her father's secrets AND deal with the fact that her friend was missing/likely dead ... and she had to go through this away from her best friends?? The fact that she's okay as she was points to a lot inner strength.
-Anything about her relationship with Alison. The show doesn't go into it as much as Alison's relationship with the other girls
-Aria and Mona interaction could be amazing too?
-Friendship fic (or shipping fic) with the other three girls.

Or something on here that's not on the list! I just want to see more of Aria outside the Ezria dynamic. :D


I would love fic about any of these women, seriously. (Also note that I'm mostly referring to the anime although I have seen some of the VN)


Some ideas:
-Something that explores the bittersweet ending; with the memory loss, but Kurisu rebuilding her friendships with the main cast. (Iiiii would not say no to Kurisu/Okabe shenanigans because I ship them like you wouldn't believe, but yeah... Kurisu POV to keep to the spirit of the exchange of course :D)
-Kurisu and Mayuri, just in general. Kurisu was willing to die for Mayuri, after all. And Mayuri was so psyched to have a female lab member. I just really love their friendship.
-I'd also be super into a fic about Rukako and Mayuri, not gonna lie. Or even something about Rukako and gender identity, maybe. I feel like the anime kind of left that hanging after the episode centered around Rukako's d-mail
-Suzuha growing up in the dystopia ;_; (or in the shadow of WWIII.) I love her. I love that she's a soldier, and self-sacrificing and so clever. And I want to see what her life was life.
-Faris... is just all around amazing (seriously, this whole cast is.) And I'd greatly enjoy fic about her POV on things. Or... if you want to go the AU route, I'd kind of really love to see what her life would be like in the dystopia timeline. I can easily see her as a badass rebel leader type, you know?

Indian History RPF

This time period is extremely dear to my heart, and I've nominated all the historical figures on the list. I'd be SO psyched if someone wrote me a piece about any of these women

Ace Attorney

Phoenix talks about how Trucy hides her sadness behind a smile. What's really going on in her head?

Yeah, anything here; her and Phoenix, her and Apollo, her and Vera OH MY GOSH HER AND VERA COULD BE AMAZING?

Just something about Trucy from her POV.

The Borgias

When I was watching The Borgias I was really taken with the Naples subplot. There's just something about storylines involving faltering kingdoms, I guess.

I wanted more of an inner life from Sancia. Her kingdom falling to invaders was just... something she should have been allowed to express an opinion on!

(I was also really taken with the idea that Sancia's brother would be the Alfonso that Lucrezia would marry and obviously THAT didn't happen. But if you want to write AU about Sancia and Lucrezia being sisters-in-law twice over that would be amazing)

OKAY. I hope that was helpful! Optional details are optional and I don't require any of these scenarios, obviously. I just hope it helps you get an idea of what kind of things I've like to read. And I hope you have fun!



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