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First of all, thank you so much for writing for me. I adore all these canons, and I'm excited for this fanwork exchange because character relations are often what makes a canon for me in the first place. This description from my yuletide letter still holds true for me: I can handle nearly all kinds of writing style as long as the author has enthusiasm for what they write. Angst, mystery, drama, hopefulness, humor, PWP, AU, I love it all. So go where your intuition takes you! (The only kind of fic I'd dislike is straight up crack fic. It's fine in more prolific fandoms, but with these smaller fandoms I'd like to see stuff that focuses on the characters as they are instead of as a joke. ajksflkafslkj I hope this makes sense.) I especially love fic which focuses on relationships (platonic or otherwise, between characters.) I like a good balance of introspection and dialogue.

Basically if something I write here sparks an idea in you, I say go for it! My suggestions here are just that... suggestions!

And now my fandoms/my descriptions from the letter/and elaboration in some cases.

Welcome to Night Vale
Cecil/Carlos sort of took over my life in the past few days. I started out listening to Welcome to Night Vale for the humor and horror elements, and was pleasantly surprised by how disarmingly sweet and thoughtful this podcast can be at times. And the Carlos/Cecil relationship (which is canon! oh man!) might be one of the sweetest aspects of all.

Since all the canon comes from news segments, there are a lot of moments we don't get to see. Anything that fills in the blanks about these two characters and their relationship would be fine by me.

As for Kevin/Cecil, I'm intrigued by the similarities between them, and how they are literally dopplegangers of one another. Except there are some clearly differences. This is one where you could get into the horror aspects of it. Or maybe keeping things funny, with suggestions of horror (which is really commonplace in Kevin's epside.

Wow. In the past few weeks, since I wrote my signup requests, Night Vale fandom has totally exploded. This makes me really, really happy. There are all kinds of things I'd love to see in fanfic:
-what the hell was going on with Cecil and Carlos during that stretch of episodes where Carlos wasn't mentioned
-What does domestic fluff look like in a town as odd as Night Vale?
- Kevin/Cecil meet again. WHAT HAPPENS??

Ace Attorney
Oh my god I am so intro the potential of Maya/Franziska. They have so much in common! They were both raised by indifferent relatives (with Franziska's father trying to kill her adopted brother, while Morgan tried to kill Maya.) They both had to grow up really quickly and take on adult responsibilities at a young age. They both have public personas- Maya's cheeriness, Fransizka's aggression- that mask a lot of sorrow. Part of me would love to see them bond and talk about this stuff (or talk around it; they aren't super open about feelings), and just be young together.

Trucy/Vera is another pairing actually where there's a ton of potential to compare and contrast. They're both creative, and resilient. They also went through traumas at a young age. Trucy, though, had to grow up and go out into the world at a young age. Vera, in comparison, was sheltered quite a lot. Trucy puts on a cheery persona which masks a lot of pain (as Phoenix says), while Vera is outwardly fearful but at the same time has the strength to want to get out into the world. I think they could both be great for one another and I'd love to see your take on this pairing.

I think this is another pairing where I just want to see what might go on between them when they're not hanging around the main characters. I alluded to Trucy and Vera after Vera's recovery.... And Franziska/Maya could be really interesting during that time when Phoenix was disbarred, for example. Or even just after the end of the third game.

Kushiel's Legacy
-Phedre/Barquiel: The canon ship teased this a lot, and I felt like they had a lot of sexual tension. This is definitely one where it doesn't need to be super romantic, but they do have this longstanding connection throughout the series. They both fight to save Terre D'Ange (and Ysandre specifically) and aren't afraid to use unusual methods to do it. There's a lot potential here for some sort of pairing.

-Hyacinthe/Sibeal mab Necthana: Ahhh I'm curious about them! They seem to have a loving, supportive marriage. Both of them could have all the power in the world, and they both reject it over and over again for the sake of their children. There's something really beautiful about them keeping company in dreams when he was in exile. This marriage did come out of nowhere, because of his previous relationships with Moiread and Phedre. It would be nice to see how they came to fall in love and/or how they adjusted to married life together.

Some ideas:
- Barquiel teaching Phedre Akkadian maybe
- If you want to writing Barquiel/Phedre/Joscelin I won't say no :P
- For Hyacinthe/Sibeal: Ahhhh so much interests me. Backstory of Sibeal! Worldbuilding! Recovery! Magic! Having children in an uncertain world!

As much as I loved Nagron (and I really did) I was also intrigued by the chemistry Spartacus and Nasir had. I think it was interesting how they were both linked to the importance of names, with Spartacus being denied his, and Nasir reclaiming his own. They're also completely un-complacent; Spartacus rebelled against his masters, and Nasir did not immediately accept the rebel's intrusion into his life (the different being, of course, that the rebels let him decide what to fight for, rather than him being ordered to fight for someone.) By the end of the series they had a really easy camraderie and respect and love for one another. And basically, this is another pairing I think has a lot of potential and I would love to see it explored.

As for Kore/Naevia... what can I say! Kore has a name that makes me think of Persephone, while Naevia was associated with death all throughout the final season. They've both been through hell and they they had one of the most honest conversations in season 3. I'd love to see an AU where they somehow survive the rebellion and end up on the goat farm together.

GOD THIS SHOW <3 Spartacus/Nasir would likely have to be an AU of some kind (just given the timeline in canon.) One of those AUs where one thing is slightly different and the author explores the ramifications of that difference. But again, go where your heart tells you.

As for Kore/Naevia I talked about an AU where they survived- and that would be lovely to see- but if you think of something during the canon timeline I'd be all for that too.

Okay I hope this letter was helpful. I look forward to seeing what you write, and I hope you have fun!



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