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Updated: 11-1-2013

Ah, hello and welcome! You've matched on at least one of my favorite characters and canons so we already have some fannish preferences in common. Above all I hope you have fun with what you write, and don't stress yourself out too much on my behalf. It's always ridiculously cool getting to see what people do with my prompts, and I'm certain I'll enjoy what you write. Also I love and want fanworks from all of these fandoms equally, even if some of the writeups wound up longer than others.

I'm cool with nearly all genres, and I like both past and present tense. Gen is fine, shipping is fine, smut is fine (particularly if it's part of a larger story.) I have very few squicks, and I like both happy and dark fic. The turn "dramedy" was invented for me, I swear.

Basically!!! go where the muse takes you. For me, the most interesting thing, in almost any canon, is the characters and their interactions with one another. The second most interesting thing tends to be the world created by the author. Canons that are character-driven with a strong sense of time/place tend to be the ones that win my heart. I also tend to get interested in characters that are on the periphery of things, and I always want to hear more about them and how they relate to their world.

Things I don't like: Torture porn (violence is fine, especially for some of these canons but not as the focus), second-person, scat and watersports, toilet humor in general, character bashing (the kind of bashing where characters hate on characters that they actually like in canon. This makes me cringe even if I don't like like the character. Having characters hate on each other in in-character ways is totally fine though!) I bring up crossovers in one prompt here, but if you get another idea for a crossover have the mods contact me to see if I'm cool with it. I love the potential behind crossovers/AU but I'd rather get a crossover I can recognize, heh


Fandom #1: Metal Gear Solid
Characters: The Boss, EVA, Ocelot, Para-Medic (I clicked a bunch of characters but don't feel the need to incorporate all of them)

made by this here tumblr

I just got into this canon about two months ago and I'm in love. I love how the overall story covers decades and generations. I love how it gives me serious dissertations on history and philosophy and sociology but also lets you run around in a crocodile hat and hide in boxes. And I love, love, loooove the characters.

At this point in time I've played through MGS1, MGS2, and MGS3, played some of Peace Walker and I'm spoilered for MGS4. I have now played MGS4, so spoiler away! MGS3 is the first one I played and I imprinted on it hard so I'd generally prefer stories involving that time frame, but I wouldn't mind allusions to other games because I'm all about that foreshadowing life. I don't mind spoilers.

Some ideas:
- I'm so curious about all aspects of The Boss's past; her childhood, her relationship with The Sorrow, having to give up her child and then meeting him again as an adult, her complex relationship with Jack etc (what made her choose to train him?) She was a war hero by the grand old age of 22 but she's also such a human character. I want to know more about her.

- EVA was fascinating to me, too. I'm curious about her past too, given that she had a similar upbringing as The Boss (although The Boss grew up during the era just before WWII, while EVA came of age in the cold war, so they seem to have different philosophies because of that.) I'd love to see more of what she was thinking during MGS3. I also liked her interactions with The Boss and thought it was fascinating that The Boss trusted with her some really crucial information. So if you wanted to write The Boss and in disguise!EVA talking and trying to figure each other out I'd be so into that.

-Ahahaah Ocelot. Ocelot, Ocelot, Ocelot. He's so frickin weird that it's a goddamn gift. I love that he can be incredibly malicious without, apparently, having that much personal enmity. I love his triple agent status and would love to hear more about that. His fixation on Naked Snake is endlessly fascinating to me too and hits so many favorite narrative kinks it's unbelievable so if you wanted to elaborate more on this thought process there I'd be down with it. Also love his interactions with EVA and The Boss and, yep, he's another character who's take on MGS3 I'd love to see

- I requested Para-Medic because I especially love her weird as hell (yet oddly sweet) conversations with Snake. She has this "goofy but incredibly competent vibe" that I always enjoy in characters. So more about her is always welcome. Also welcome is fic about Snake's entire support staff; Para-Medic, Zero, and Sigint. They all operate from the same room, so I kind of wonder what life is like for them during the mission, especially when it's downtime and Snake isn't doing much of anything. Is there a lot of talk and gossip? Do they drink a loooot of coffee? Are they on the edge of their seats whenever Snake is in a dangerous situation? Did they try to do a background check on EVA only to find there was nothing? I just love their whole vibe; seeing them as young and rather idealistic, knowing that they're going to do some shady things in the future.

-Added 11-1-2013: Okay whoa after MGS4 I'd also be so down for fic about Eva and Ocelot over the years as they pull off their plan(s) because it sounds so freaking epic and complex.

Resources: Chips and Ironicus have good LPs of all the Metal Gear Solid games.

Fandom #2: Cocktail (2012 Hindi film)
Characters: Veronica Malaney, Meera Sahni

I saw this movie mostly for Deepika Padukone's face without knowing much else about it, and I really really liked it. I particularly loved the complicated relationships, and the friendship between Veronica and Meera was basically the heart of the story for me. To that effect, I'd love some post-movie fic about these two. I was a little disappointed when Gautam got two big reconciliation scenes with Veronica and Meera, while the Veronica and Meera reconciliation was tacked on. I'd prefer something on the lighter side for this canon, since the movie put both Veronica and Meera through the wringer. I don't mind a bit of conflict all things considered but I'd prefer things to end on a hopeful tone.

It would fun to see Meera showing Veronica around her city in India. Meera's been the fish out of water before, so it would be interesting to see the tables turned. Or maybe Veronica could teach Meera more about photography while Meera teaches Veronica how to cook? Idk just... bonding! All the bonding!

If you want to go the AU route, I once got the idea of a Cocktail + Pacific Rim AU into my head and I'd loooooove to see that take on things too, heh.

Resources: It's not on netflix or youtube that I can see :( Here's a trailer, though.

Fandom #3: Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
Characters: Clover, Alice


I just really love their relationship and would love anything more about them. I do ship them a hell of a lot, but am fine with platonic fic. The emphasis on closeness is what's important to me here. I think it's fascinating how Clover idealizes Alice as someone who's really strong and capable (and it's partially because Alice is just that awesome, and also because Clover seems to need a stable point to fixate on in order to feel safe) while Alice keeps so much to herself because she's also trying to keep safe. There's so much potential for interesting conflict and growth.

Or just good old fashioned spying adventures. Those work too.

Some things I'd love to see:
- Clover and Alice bonding over their mutual traumatic pasts!

- Clover and Alice and their first meeting!

- Clover and Alice on spying missions!

- Clover and Alice coming to terms with... what they learn in the good end!

etc etc etc.

Also if you don't feel like writing about these two I'm always down for fic about Akane and Aoi's relationship because they are precious to me.

Resources: Ughhhh I know that SomethingAwful has some Dangan Ronpa style LP's but right now the paywall is up. Check this space, I might find better resources for this later.

Fandom #4: Steins;Gate
Characters: Makise Kurisu, Amane Suzuha, Urushibara Rukako

love this canon's nearly seamless blend of comedy and tragedy (see this is such a thing with me). The character interactions felt so real that I was really really really rooting for a happy ending for everyone. With this fandom you could go so many directions; shippy, slice-of-life, incredibly dramatic dystopia fic. I just want to spend more time with these characters. The three characters I asked for got to me in particular but I love the whole cast.

Some ideas:
- THE ALPHA TIMELINE. I have such a soft spot for it. It's so bloody painful and amazing. We know where some characters are during it, but not others. What were Ruka (and Feyris etc. I really love Feyris) up to during it? How did Kurisu deal with being a figurehead?
- Backstory on Suzuha, particularly in the Alpha timeline, would be so welcome. She seems to have grown up so alone and basically raised herself. She calls herself a soldier; how did this happen? How did she become part of the resistance? Okabe seems to have been something of a mentor figure to her, what was that like?
- Of course I love the slice-of-lice first half of the anime too and would be totally into fic about that time period as well. I especially loved Kurisu and Mayuri's friendship, and would love to see more of them away from Okabe.
- Which isn't to say I don't like Okabe, because I do. And I ship Kurisu/Okabe like crazy. I'd love to see her POV after the end of the anime. How many memories did she get back? What did she and Okabe talk about before Las Vegas? What did they talk about after? Hurt/comfort is sooo welcome here.
-(Also Kurisu/Okabe have a lot of physical chemistry, so if you want to write smut with them go for it, hahaha. I keep thinking that sex with them would start out awkward because of their inexperience but they also tend to research the hell out of things so they'd figure it out pretty quickly.)

Resources: It's on hulu! Both the sub and dub are good, imo. I prefer the voices in the sub, but sometimes the dub is useful for knowing what the hell is going on with the science.

Fandom #5: Ancient History RPF
Characters: Cassius, Brutus, Porcia, or Cleopatra Selene II

I'm a big history geek, and I really do love the late Roman Republic/early Roman empire era a hell of a lot. This is a bit more difficult to summarize than more specific canons, but if you offered these people then you're interested in them too and I want to read what you have to write!

- Cassius + Brutus + Porcia; I tend to ship Cassius and Brutus hard in all their various incarnations. I also tend to find Brutus and Porcia's relationship absolutely fascinating and I ship them hard too too. And I always wonder how Porcia and Cassius would have felt about each other when/if they interacted. All three were related to one another, all three obviously supported the assassination of Caesar (although we know less about how involved Porcia was in that/how much she knew etc), and they all just seem like... intense people in their different ways. I'd love to see interacting; whether it's conspiring, talking about philosophy, having fun in the calm before the storm. Anything.

- Cleopatra Selene II was the daughter of Cleopatra and Marc Antony, and after her mother's defeat Selene was taken by Augustus and raised in Rome. All of her other siblings have died/disappeared soon after this. But Cleopatra Selene grew to adulthood, married Juba II (SO interesting in his own right and, yep, this is another ship of mine), and then seems to ruled Mauretania in north Africa well. I've always been fascinated in survivors, and Cleopatra Selene is a prime example of one. I'd love anything about her, but, if I had to choose, I'd most love something about her marriage and adulthood (most fiction about her tends to center on teenage years in Rome, so something new would be fun.)

Resources: Wikipedia pages for Brutus, Cassius, Porcia, and Selene. Juba II's page is here while I'm at it.

Fandom #6: The Rage of Jonathan Franzen
Characters: lol

Ahahaha. Crap. I have no idea how to articulate what I want from this one. I just know that when I read this article I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pass out. So if you wanted to, I don't know, describe how major historical events happened because of the Rage of Johnathan Franzen go ahead. If you want to write about twitter as a demon that swallows up Respected Authors Who Should Know Better go ahead. Basically the more absurdist the better.

Resources: The blog post in question!


Aaaaand. Okay. I wrote a novel there.

My AO3 is over here and my tumblr is over here.

Thanks again!


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